Dhanusha Gokulan

Dhanusha Gokulan

Families Uncertain About Spending

DUBAI - Despite the raffle draws, discounts, and the various attractions that are lined up for DSF 2009, families in the UAE are careful about their spending habits because of the current financial crisis.

Get those coins clinking

DUBAI - If you’re planning to head to the theatres to watch Baz Luhrmann’s epic Australia, break open your piggy bank and use all your loose change, and by doing so you may be playing your part to help the national economy.

Foggy Mornings Ahead

DUBAI - The weather will remain foggy for the next few days, according to a meteorology official in Dubai.

A New Feather in Dubai’s Cap

dubai — The emirate of Dubai has added another feather to its cap with the opening of the Marina Mall, causing great deal of excitement among residents of Dubai Marina as well as others.

Special gifts for special needs children

dubai – The face of 17-year-old Arnaud radiated a wide smile as he and his friends from the Dubai Centre for Special needs were handed Christmas gifts by officials of Mall of the Emirates and Kempinski Hotel, Dubai.

Many Families Prefer Celebrations at Home

DUBAI - Many expatriate families in the UAE are opting to celebrate Christmas at home this year, in view of the recession and the rising costs of Christmas brunches at hotels and restaurants across the country.

Rising Bills Make Residents Conserve Water

DUBAI - Exorbitant water and electricity bills and the increasing awareness of the high water consumption in the UAE are forcing families to adopt stringent methods to conserve water.