How to decorate your blank walls

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By Chakshika Sharma

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Published: Thu 2 Dec 2021, 2:49 PM

Do you feel that there is something missing in your home, or your dead blank wall keeps staring at you? Every person has unique needs. Some are comfortable with minimalist style, rejoicing in simplicity while others are not settled with undecorated white walls. Looking to convert your bare walls into the most ravishing corner of your place? Whatever your personality type might be, we’ve got you covered.

• How much art is too much art?

If you are an art collector or an art enthusiast, then curating an art wall is the perfect option. An oversized painting or a photograph with a bold dramatic frame can set the mood of the space. Go for a bold art piece against a white backdrop and make it a centre of attention. Black and white photograph will add character to the space against a printed armchair and a full grown monstera plant. Or you can go for abstract artwork against a neutral backdrop.

• Hang a sculptural sconce!

If you like warm, ambient lighting, then go for a sculptural sconce for your place. Sconces add an extra source of light without taking much space. Vintage or sizeable contemporary light fixtures will draw attention and the goal is to evenly light the room. Keep the sconces slightly above direct eye line.

• Give your wall a bohemian element with Macramé wall art

If you think of macramé as neutral-coloured and basic, you need to think again. Macramé adds texture and style and is a unique design element. You can combine it with a gallery wall or hang it just above the couch. In fact, you can design a whole wall using tonnes of macramé pieces.

When you shop for macramé, be sure of the sizes and shape so that they complement the room and each other.

• Add an oriental rug

To fill your room with warmth, texture and colour, oriental rug is the perfect three-in-one solution. Abstract design rugs are the way to go. You can hang it over a fireplace or cover a large chunk of your wall. Rugs not only help make a statement piece but also help in sound absorption. Rugs can be hung using Velcro tape or they could be hung like a curtain with a rod. The right patterned rugs help to create a cosy feeling and set the tone.

• Include an accent feature!

Instead of putting up things on your wall, think of it as creating a masterpiece. Go for bright paint colour that stands out or maybe even try a good wallpaper to create that effect. A splash of printed wallpaper or creative wall coverings can bring out the entire space. Wide variety of wallpapers are available, such as marble effect, stripes, floral and mural.

• Mirror, mirror on the wall

Nobody can ever go wrong with a classic mirror wall paneling. Mirrors reflect light and make a small space look bigger. As mirror accents are making a way back, be sure to incorporate them.

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