UAE: Worker jailed for stealing scraps worth Dh130,000

Accused found guilty of theft and bribery


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Thu 6 Jan 2022, 9:03 AM

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a 34-year-old Asian worker to nine months in prison for stealing scraps worth Dh130,000 from the warehouse of a company he worked for and sold for only Dh15,000.

The accused was caught accidentally by the assistant safety engineer in the project when he saw a truck transporting the stolen goods.

The accused offered him Dh1000 as a bribe to not snitch on him.

He was arrested and referred by the Dubai Public Prosecution to the Criminal Court on theft and bribery charges.

During interrogation, the accused justified his action by saying that he was collecting unusable cables and thought that the company would not need them.


The assistant safety engineer in the project said that he was walking around on June 11 and saw three people wearing helmets and masks with a loading cart. He asked them why they were at the site on a Friday. He noticed that their helmets were different from those designated for company employees.

The accused replied that he was doing some of his personal work.

The engineer insisted he give a clear answer, especially after noticing cables and scrap. This prompted the accused to take out one banknote of Dh1,000, put it in his hand, and begged him not to expose his action.

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