UAE: Three get 7 years in jail, almost Dh8,000 fine for phone fraud

Men defrauded victim by impersonating employees of a local bank


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 3 Aug 2022, 6:51 AM

Two men in Ajman have been sentenced to seven years in jail for a phone scam.

Ajman Criminal Court also gave Asian men, 39-year-old FH and MF, and 32-year-old African (BK) a Dh7,800 fine, the same amount as the money they defrauded from their victim.

Police arrested the trio after the victim approached a station to report the crime.


The victim said the men had called him over the phone, impersonating employees from a local bank requesting that he send them a copy of his ID and credit card to update his bank details. The defendants then entered the information into an e-banking system, stealing the money after the victim also gave them the code he had received.

It was only when a victim got a message saying Dh7,800 had been transferred out of his account that he realised that he had been stolen from.

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