UAE: Man jailed for murdering friend who harassed his sister

The accused found out the victim was persuading his sister into having a relationship


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Tue 11 Jan 2022, 12:05 PM

The Dubai Court of First Instance found a 34-year-old man guilty of murder and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

The Asian expat will be deported from the country after serving his sentence.

The accused has been found guilty of premeditated murder of his friend using a scalpel after discovering that his friend persuaded his sister into having a relationship.

According to the investigation, the incident took place in February, 2021 when the police station in Jebel Ali received a report of a murder.

A team of CID carried out an intensified investigation in identifying the suspect and arresting him.

During interrogation, the suspect stated that he knew the victim and shared a friendship and work relationship.

Two days before the crime, they had a heated verbal exchange and locked in a fistfight.

He was enraged when he discovered that his friend was communicating with his sister, who was back in their home country, over the phone.

He stated that his friend disturbed his sister and forced her into a relationship.

The accused continued that he asked the victim to sever all contact with his sister, but the victim continued his communication which provoked him.

They decided to meet in the sandy area in Jebel Al to resolve the issue.

The accused took a scissor and a scalpel when he met the victim. He lured the victim to a sandy area, attacked and murdered him.


The Dubai Public Prosecution charged the suspect with premeditated murder, as the accused intended and determined to kill the victim and take revenge on him.

The Court of First Instance ruled in favour of life imprisonment and deportation.

The Public Prosecution appealed the verdict and demanded a harsher punishment, asking for the death penalty for the convict.

In the appeal session, the convict denied having murdered the victim intentionally, and the appointed lawyer demanded to reduce the ruing from the death penalty to life sentence.

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