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UAE: 7 jailed for stealing heavy vehicles, forging documents

The ownership papers of the vehicles were falsified and sold to two alleged unsuspecting buyers


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 26 Jan 2022, 9:56 AM

The Sharjah Court of Appeal has sentenced seven defendants of Arab origin, including a woman, to one-year in prison and following which they will be deported to their native countries.

They have been convicted for stealing four heavy vehicles from a rental company.

The ownership papers of the vehicles were forged and sold to two alleged unsuspecting buyers, an investigation by the Sharjah Police revealed.

The woman confessed to the court authorities that she was complicit with four other convicts in the theft and forgery.

She was the conduit, who hired four heavy vehicles from the firm on the pretext of transporting building materials from Fujairah to Dubai.

Saud Muhammad, the lawyer for the defendants found guilty of buying the stolen vehicles, pleaded innocence on behalf of his clients.


He argued that his clients did not know that the vehicles were stolen.

The duo had coughed up Dh300,000, which was 50 per cent of Dh600,000 — the agreed sum to sell these stolen vehicles.

Initially, the Sharjah Court of First Instance had sentenced the seven defendants to a two-year jail term, but later the Sharjah Court of Appeal reduced it to a year.

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