UAE: 3 men ordered to pay Dh330,000 after defrauding woman in fake investment deal

They lured her in by telling her they had a good business and convinced her that she would get huge monthly profits if she invested


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Mon 9 May 2022, 10:23 AM

Three men, who fraudulently took Dh330,000 from a woman in a fake investment deal, have been ordered to pay back the cash.

The men had lured the Arab woman to give them the money after convincing her that they were going to put money in an investment that would yield her huge profits.

Al Ain Court of First Instance instructed the men to jointly return the woman’s cash and to pay her another Dh10,000 in compensation for the moral and material damages she suffered.

Official court documents stated that the Arab men convinced the woman that they had a good business and that she would get huge monthly profits if she invests in the business.

After spending months without hearing from the men and not getting any profits from them, the woman began to suspect it was scam. When she tried to contact the defendants to inquire about the investment and her profits, the men switched off their phones.

The woman then lodged a complaint against the men demanding that they pay back her cash and compensate for the material and moral damages they caused her.


The kind of business in which the woman invested her cash was not clearly mentioned in court papers issued to the press.

In court, the defendants denied taking money from the woman. But the court, based on the evidence presented by the woman and prosecutors, convicted the trio.

Court also ordered the men to pay the woman’s legal expenses, which is Dh300,000.

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