Dubai: Woman jailed, deported for stealing phone at pharmacy

The victim said as she was sure the phone had been left behind in the store, she asked the staff to review the cameras

File photo
File photo

Published: Tue 29 Nov 2022, 11:22 AM

A 36-year-old Asian woman working in a private company in Dubai has been convicted and sentenced to one month in prison after stealing a phone.

The owner of the phone said that she went to a pharmacy to buy medicine and left without realizing that she had left her phone behind. When she noticed this, she went back to the pharmacy and searched, but could did not find it. She asked the salesperson, who told her he could not find it either.

She said as she was sure the phone had been left behind in the pharmacy, she asked the staff to review the cameras.

In the security camera footage, a woman was seen entering the place, quickly picking up the phone, and leaving. The victim informed the police, who were able to identify and arrest the accused.

The accused appeared before the court, repeating her confession that she made in the police report and the investigations of the Public Prosecution. She stated that she went to the pharmacy to buy medicines and saw the phone. She realized that someone had forgotten it, so she stole it, got rid of the sim card and used it.

The criminal court convicted her and sentenced to a month imprisonment followed by deportation.


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