Dubai: Three jailed for stealing safe containing Dh130,000 cash

The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a verdict issued by the Court of First Instance


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Sun 13 Feb 2022, 7:21 AM

A gang of three Asians was sentenced to three years of imprisonment followed by deportation for stealing Dh130,000 from a shipping company.

The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a verdict issued by the Court of First Instance.

The case dates back to May 2021, when an investor filed a theft report in his company in Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai.

He stated in the report that when he arrived at his workplace, he found a broken window in his office, and things were scattered.

He discovered that the steel safe, containing Dh130,000, employee's passport and documents related to commercial transactions, was missing.

A policeman involved in the investigation stated that the CID team arrived at the crime scene and collected evidence.

The CCTV footage was reviewed, which helped in identifying one of the accused and his subsequent arrest.

The accused admitted to his crime carried out with two others of the same nationality.


The police managed to arrest the two other accused. They admitted that they had planned to steal the company. They monitored the premises to determine the appropriate time to execute the theft.

They went to the company at 4am, one of them broke the company's window and got out of it with a small safe that was opened in another place with an electrical instrument. They took the stolen money and disposed of the documents found inside.

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