Dubai: PE teacher acquitted of importing 199 grams of marijuana

Dubai - An officer told judges that the woman refused to sign a urine test application or give a sample as part of the investigation process


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 20 Oct 2021, 5:20 PM

A PE teacher, who was arrested after she received a package in the mail containing 199 grams of marijuana in August 2020, has been cleared of the charge against her.

The package included her contact number, but the recipient's name was different. Abu Dhabi Police arrested her in the airport on July 3 this year before she flew out to the US for vacation.

The teacher, 32, was referred to Dubai Police's anti-narcotics department, where she denied ordering the package and remained in custody for nearly two months.

A police officer told judges that the defendant refused to sign a urine test application and give a sample as part of the investigation process.

“I tried to convince her twice, but she refused to do so before talking to her lawyer,” the officer said.

Accused of refraining from following prosecution orders, the woman was referred to court on August 24, but she denied the accusation.

“She didn’t refuse, she simply asked to speak to me as her lawyer but she was denied that right and was told she would face charges for obstructing legal procedures,” Awatif Mohammed from Al Rowaad Advocates told the court.


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Awatif said her client was asked to provide a urine sample despite the lack of a prosecution order.

“She was terrified because the charge she was faced with at the drug force department was importing drugs,” the lawyer told judges, adding that investigations revealed her client was not involved in ordering the package.

Last month, judges cleared the teacher of the charge against her.

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