Dubai: Man convicted of stealing over Dh69,000 from his company

Court sentences him in absentia and fines Dh10,000

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Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 29 Jun 2022, 7:40 AM

Last updated: Wed 29 Jun 2022, 3:17 PM

The Dubai Criminal Court convicted an Arab man on charges of embezzling Dh69,000 from the company he worked for.

The accused works as a sales executive in a tourism and travel company and receives customer requests for reservations, hotels and flights. He often collected the reservation money in cash and did not deposit it into the company account.

The company's accountant stated that he discovered many bills recorded by the accused, as they would receive from the customer upon their arrival, contrary to the company's instructions.

The director and owner of the company also supported the investigation, confirming that he did not receive the cash amounts that were supposed to be collected to complete the visa procedures, travel tickets and arrange hotel stay for some clients.

It was uncovered that the accused had made reservations for many clients, received money from them, and did not make the payment in the company's account.

When the accused was confronted, he admitted to receiving the money in cash from the customers and keeping it for himself as he was in need.

The accused did not appear before the court, which convicted him of embezzlement and sentenced him in absentia. He was fined Dh10,000 and ordered to pay back the embezzled amounts of Dh69,175.


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