Dubai: Man arrested at airport for trying to smuggle in 5.95kg marijuana

During an inspection, 6 packs of peanut butter stuffed with drugs were recovered


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Thu 23 Jun 2022, 11:03 AM

Last updated: Thu 23 Jun 2022, 11:06 AM

Customs officers at Dubai International Airport seized about six kilograms of marijuana, which a passenger from an African nation tried to smuggle into the country.

Ibrahim Al Kamali, Director of Passenger Operations Department at Dubai Customs, pointed out that Dubai Customs successfully detected a qualitative amount of narcotic after the officers suspected something odd about a passenger's bag while it was passing through the X-ray machine.

During a manual inspection, six packages of peanut butter were recovered stuffed with marijuana weighing 5.95 kilograms.

Al Kamali added that Dubai Customs at Dubai Airports contributes to the application of the highest levels of efficiency in carrying out tasks to protect society. The system is based on qualified human cadres and smart monitoring systems. It also uses artificial intelligence and modern technologies, supported by advanced devices during the inspection.


The Customs Department provides the ports with the latest examination devices, creating pioneering systems that reveal the tricks of smugglers, especially as they resort to several deceptive methods.

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