Dubai: Gang of five jailed for stealing Dh685,000 Range Rover

The rented vehicle was being transported by truck to a neighbouring country on forged documents.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Tue 21 Dec 2021, 9:39 AM

A gang of five people comprising four Asians and an Arab who left the country, have been sentenced by the Dubai Criminal Court to one year imprisonment, and subsequent deportation from the country, for stealing a Range Rover, a luxury vehicle worth Dh685,000. They rented it for two days and forged its documents with the aim of sending it to another Gulf country.

According to an investigation record, an employee in a luxury car rental office discovered that the delivery of a 2020 model Range Rover vehicle had been delayed by two days, thereby incurring a fine of Dh3000. The employee contacted the vehicle tracking service, which reported that one of the tracking devices had been removed from the vehicle. However, a second tracking device indicated that the vehicle was in a neighbouring emirate.

The employee added that the police were promptly informed, and that the location of the vehicle was determined. The vehicle was being transported by truck to a neighbouring country. The police intercepted the vehicle and arrested the truck driver, who confirmed that a person from the Gulf had contacted him from outside the country, asked him to transport the car for a fee of Dh2,500, and sent him the location of the vehicle, its keys, and its documents.

A policeman said in the investigations that the fugitive rented the vehicle, left the country, and communicated with the rest of the convicts, in order to forge the vehicle's travel documents from the Roads and Transport Authority. This was done in order to be able to ship this vehicle to the fleeing fugitive, after the removal of the tracking device from the inside.

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