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Dubai: Gang jailed for stealing watches, jewellery worth Dh7 million from showroom

The masked European men broke the glass facade of the showroom with a hammer.

Alamy file
Alamy file

Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Thu 24 Feb 2022, 2:40 PM

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a four-member gang to one year in prison and fines to be followed by deportation for stealing watches and jewelry worth Dh7 million from a showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road.

According to police investigations the crime took place in April 2020, when the masked European men broke the glass facade of the showroom with a hammer and made good with precious watches and jewellery of well-known brands.

A sales employee discovered the broken facade, and glass front of the office on the upper floor as well as damaged glass tables inside the office. He discovered the theft of 36 Rolex and two Patek Philippe watches, as well as a diamond chain, bracelets and bags — all valued at about Dh7 million.

A policeman stated that a team of criminal investigators collected evidence from the scene, and concluded that masked men had broken into the showroom and fled away on two motorcycles, one of which was stolen from a delivery rider.

The CID team managed to identify the thieves and their whereabouts after intensified investigations. The gang members were eventually arrested, and stolen items seized from the residence of one of them.


During investigations, the gang members said they had meticulously planned the theft, with each of them given a distinct role to carry out. On the fateful day, they monitored showroom building until it was deserted and used a hammer to break the glass door and front of the showroom before robbing the goods and fleeing on bikes. They hid the stolen items in the house of one gang member.

The gang members were referred to Public Prosecution and the court convicted them of theft.

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