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Dubai: Cleaner jailed for 3 months, fined Dh30,000 in theft case

The robbery was caught on surveillance camera


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Sun 23 Jan 2022, 3:02 PM

Last updated: Sun 23 Jan 2022, 3:06 PM

A cleaner was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment, followed by deportation and a Dh30,000 fine for stealing from the company he worked for.

The Dubai Criminal Court found the 35-year-old Asian guilty of stealing from his company and hiding the stolen money in a yard near the office.

The case dates back to November 2021, when an investor reported the theft of Dh30,000 from a safe of his company's headquarters.

According to the investigation, the investor received a call from the accountant informing him that the office's back door was not properly closed. The accountant also found the drawer broken with a sharp instrument and money stolen from the safe.

A policeman arrived at the theft site, and after checking the surveillance cameras, he spotted a person opening the office drawer and taking the amount in it.

During the investigations, the worker admitted to his crime and disclosed the location of the stolen money.


He told the police that he went to the office in the evening, entered through the back door, hid in one of the corners and remained there for the employees to leave.

He then went to the cash box, opened the safe, stole what was inside, and left quickly from the back door. He hid the money in a sandy area in the vicinity of the company and returned to his residence.

The cleaner was arrested the next day from his residence.

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