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Dubai: 4 expats get 7 years in jail, fined Dh200,000 for killing woman

The woman, working at a brothel in an apartment, had allegedly humiliated one of the accused


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 13 Apr 2022, 10:02 AM

Last updated: Wed 13 Apr 2022, 10:46 PM

Four expats have been sentenced to seven years in prison and fined Dh200,000 for killing a girl over a financial dispute.

A Dubai court convicted an Asian expat along with three others for killing a female compatriot over a financial dispute between the victim and the killer's friend.

The details of the case date back to August 2021, when a CID team arrived at a murder site in Dubai's Naif Centre district. An investigation officer stated that they found the body of a young Asian woman inside her room -- with a knife beside her.

The policeman added that the investigation team collected evidence that helped them identify four suspects of Asian origin. Two of the suspects were arrested in Dubai and two others were arrested while trying to travel through Sharjah Airport.

During interrogation, one of the suspects confessed that he met the victim two days before the incident, as she was working in an apartment used for prostitution.

He told the investigation team that he had given the girl Dh200 before she 'humiliated' him and asked him to leave the apartment. The accused said that he complained to his friend about the incident and alleged that the girl had deceived him.

Wanting to avenge his friend's humiliation, the second suspect said that he contacted the girl asking for her services, which she agreed to.


According to case details, he arrived at the meeting point location with another accused, asking him and the first friend to wait behind. With the help of one the suspects, he stabbed the girl multiple times until she died.

Following the investigation, the case was referred to the Public Prosecution.

The convicts will be deported after serving their sentence.

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