Dubai: 3 women fined Dh28,000 for filming, blackmailing man with nude video

They lured him to a hotel then stole his cash and credit card

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Published: Mon 21 Mar 2022, 9:47 AM

Three African women have been fined Dh28,000 and sentenced to three years in prison after they assaulted and blackmailed an Asian man.

One of the accused lured the man by masquerading as a European woman on WhatsApp. Posing as a blonde woman online, the accused exchanged phone numbers with the victim and agreed to meet for dinner at a hotel.

WHen the man arrived at the hotel the women ambushed, restricted his movement and took his wallet. From it, the women stole Dh120 in cash and took his credit card.

The victim said that the women then threatened to kill him, unless he told them his pin number so, he gave it to them. The accused said that they planned to withdraw Dh1,000 using his card.

He said that the accused forcibly stripped him off his clothes, filmed him and then, two of three women left the place. The women returned after 20 minutes, with withdrawn cash. The victim tried to ignore them and escape, but they caught him and tied him up until 5am. They allowed him to leave, after returning the money to him.

The man then went back to his vehicle, and waited until he saw the accused exit the hotel.

All three of them took different taxis and fled the place. The victim followed one of them and informed the police of the incident.

A patrol car then arrested two of the three perpetrators. The third woman was later nabbed in Dubai.


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