Dubai: 24K gold bars shaped into belt buckles seized at airport

They are estimated to be worth nearly half a million dirhams

Supplied photo
Supplied photo

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Published: Thu 8 Sep 2022, 5:32 PM

Last updated: Thu 8 Sep 2022, 5:38 PM

Two travellers — who tried smuggling gold bars by painting and moulding them to look like belt buckles — were caught at Dubai International Airport.

Dubai Customs officers were able to spot and seize the 24-karat gold bars that weighed 2.3kg and estimated to be worth Dh485,700, the authorities confirmed on Thursday.

Thanks to eagle-eyed inspectors and high-tech scanners, the gold pieces were found in several bags that the duo carried.

The first passenger was caught with 1.072kg of gold, valued at Dh225,120, while the other had 1.24kg, worth Dh260,610.

"The skilled inspectors found the first traveller's bag suspicious after scanning it through Customs' high-tech X-ray machines. Unusual densities were detected on both sides of the bag," said Ibrahim Al Kamali, director of passenger operations department at Dubai Customs.

Upon examination, inspectors confirmed that the unusual belt buckles found in the bag were painted gold bars.

The same irregularity was detected in the other passenger's luggage. Necessary legal measures were then taken against the duo.

"The two seizures confirm that the Dubai Customs has one of the world's most advanced systems in place," said Al Kamali.

"The department is determined to enrol customs officers in specialised and innovative training courses, in addition to investing in advanced detection devices," he added.


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