Abu Dhabi: Man sues woman for Dh125,000 after she sells him modified vehicle

The man said he returned it to the defendant, who agreed to pay back the purchase price and the insurance, registration charges, but failed to do so

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File photo

Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Sun 20 Nov 2022, 7:19 AM

A woman who sold her vehicle to a motorist at Dh125,000 without informing him that she had repainted it and also modified it’s engine, has been instructed to return the sale money to the buyer.

Official court documents stated that the man filed a lawsuit against the woman demanding that she returns the Dh125,000 he paid her for purchasing he vehicle.

The man said in his lawsuit that he had bought the vehicle from the woman and registered it in his name.

He later discover that the vehicle had undergone modifications and full repainting.

The man said he returned the vehicle to the defendant who agreed to return the purchase price in addition to the insurance and vehicle registration charges.


The woman however did not fulfil this promise. The man said he tried to speak to the woman several times asking her to pay back his money, but in vain.

This prompted him to take the woman to court.

After hearing from all parties, the Al Ain Court of First Instance ordered the defendant to return the all money she received from the sale of the vehicle to the plaintiff, in addition to other expenses incurred in registration of the vehicle.

The woman challenged the ruling in the appeals court. It rejected her case on grounds that she filed the appeals case after the expiration of the legal specified deadline.

The woman was told to pay for the man’s legal expenses.

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