Abu Dhabi: Man sues heirs of deceased friend who gave him dud cheque

The court assigns a forensic expert to determine the validity of the cheque


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Mon 11 Jul 2022, 1:14 PM

An Abu Dhabi resident filed a lawsuit against the heirs of his deceased friend who issued him a Dh150,000 cheque which bounced.

He will be paid by the family with the money collected from the property they inherited, a court has ruled.

Official court documents stated that the Arab plaintiff had lent Dh150,000 to his friend who later issued him a cheque as payment.

When the complainant took the cheque to the bank, he was told that there was insufficient balance in the account.

The complainant said that a few days later, he received the news that his friend had died. He said he waited for the funeral to be completed and then went to the deceased's heirs to demand the value of the sums of money on the bounced cheque.

The family however refused to pay him, which prompted him to file a lawsuit against them.

The complainant presented to the court a copy of the bounced cheque, and a letter from the bank showing that there was insufficient balance in the defendants’ account.

The lawyer of the family challenged the validity of the cheque, claiming that the two signatures on it might have been forged.

A forensic expert’s report confirmed that the cheque was genuine, and that it was the deceased who wrote and signed against it before he died.

After hearing from all parties, the Abu Dhabi Family and Civil and Administrative Claims Court issued a ruling ordering the defendants (the heirs) to pay Dh150,000 to the complainant from the cash collected from the properties of the deceased.

The heirs were also told to pay for the complainant’s legal expenses.


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