Abu Dhabi: Court tells man to pay Dh430,000 to woman for clearing his debts

Man had promised to marry woman on return to UAE.

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File photo

A Staff Reporter

Published: Sat 19 Feb 2022, 2:47 PM

The Abu Dhabi Court has ordered a young man to pay back Dh430,000 to a woman who had paid off his debts under the promise he would return to the UAE and marry her.

The Arab woman had paid the man’s debts to lift the ban issued against him so he could enter the country.

The accused returned to the UAE, but showed no interest in marrying her nor giving her the money back.

The woman filed a lawsuit, demanding back Dh540,000 including 9 per cent interest.

The court pointed out that the papers lacked evidence that the plaintiff had paid the remaining amount of Dh110,000 of the settlement amount, rejecting her request to obligate the defendant to pay her the remaining amount of the settlement amount.

The court then ruled that the woman should receive Dh430,000.

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