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Youth on trial in RAK court for posing as woman

Youth on trial in RAK court for posing as woman

Ras Al Khaimah - The young man denied committing any crime, tells court he has had female instinctive feelings since his early childhood.

Published: Thu 7 Apr 2016, 5:24 PM

A young man, identified only as M.S., has stood trial at the Ras Al Khaimah Criminal Court on charges of posing and behaving like women, and wearing female clothes to lure young men for sodomy.
The defendant told the court, presided over by Chief Judge Sameh Shaker, that he did have a plastic surgery to have his breasts enlarged, be more woman-like.
As per court records, the suspect is facing seven charges, spanning disguise in woman clothes, condoning sin, seducing young men, resisting arrest, possessing alcohol, pornographic items and cosmetics, posting naked pictures on his social media accounts, and sharing his indecent photos to get 'Likes' and lure the youth.
The RAK public prosecutor told the court that the defendant has posted his licentious pictures and shared them with others on his social media accounts to condone sin and lure young men for homosexuality.
The security bodies, informed of the suspect's illegal practices, alerted the criminal investigations men of the RAK police who initiated investigations, tracked down the defendant, set a tight security trap, and arrested him at home.
The young man denied committing any crime, and told the court that he has had female instinctive feelings since his early childhood, and even had an operation to enlarge his breasts to be more woman-like.
He believed that wearing women's clothes at home, posing as a woman, and sharing his woman-like pictures on social media are absolutely but a personal freedom and none has the right to object or interfere.
He added that he felt better when using make-up and dressing as a woman, claiming that he had not asked anyone to search for his social media accounts, share pictures or contact him.
He also denied possessing alcohol or using his social media accounts in condoning sin or luring young people for sodomy.
The court, having heard the suspect's pleadings, ordered adjournment of the case so as to give a chance to the defence lawyer to present evidence and make arguments.

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