Worker offers Dubai cop 'mobile cards bribe' to deport friends

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Worker offers Dubai cop mobile cards bribe to deport friends
The worker offered mobile cards in exchange for arresting the men.

Dubai - The worker, 27, was also charged with offering bribes to a public officer.


Marie Nammour

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Published: Sun 16 Apr 2017, 2:52 PM

Last updated: Sun 16 Apr 2017, 5:29 PM

A policeman has been charged in the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday for accepting Dh600 worth of bribes from a Bangladeshi worker in return for arresting four individuals and deporting them.  
The 27-year-old Emirati cop, based in the department of fighting infiltrators and violators, allegedly accepted the Dh800 in mobile recharge cards.
The case dates back to January 9 in Al Barsha area.
According to public prosecution records, he was assigned to patrol Global Village and apprehend suspects and any law violators. However, he collected Dh600 worth of those cards from a Bangladeshi man in exchange for arresting three men, who Foreigners Entry and Residency Law offenders.
The three men were consequently apprehended and legal action was taken against them followed by deportation. 
The worker, 27, was charged with offering bribes to a public officer.
"We received information, which we verified, that the policeman on trial was abusing his position and accepting bribes from the other accused in return for arresting residency law violators. He was collecting Dh200 worth of mobile recharge card for every individual," a police lieutenant told the investigating prosecutor.  
The violators were the second accused's friends and wanted to leave the country. After confronting the worker about his illegal deal, he confessed to police officers that he led his absconding friends to the cop. He arrested them and took necessary action to deport them.
The police coordinated with him to catch the first accused red-handed.  
The latter was arrested in a sting operation after he was contacted by the worker and offered a recharge balance worth Dh200, provided by Dubai police, in return for taking another violator into custody.
The phone conversation between the two men was tapped after getting a public prosecution warrant.
The two men met later in the Global Village, where the description of the violator was provided.
The cop was caught after the violator was arrested and after he received the recharge balance. He confessed in writing, during police questioning, to have accepted the bribes.

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