Worker gets death penalty for killing sponsor

The RAK Criminal Court of First Instance has sentenced an Asian worker to death by the firing squad for killing his sponsor in 2010.

After the family of the victim refused reconciliation, a court bench presided by Judge Yusuf Rajab and comprising Judge Hamad Abdul Karim and Judge Arif Humaidan, sentenced the culprit to death.

As per the court records, the incident happened in May 2010. The prosecution’s arraignment sheet said the defendant admitted to premeditatedly hammering the victim to death after a heated argument over a financial dispute at the shop he worked. Though the defendant fled the scene after closing the shop, the police arrested him in a few hours after the crime was discovered.

The defendant said he was angry with his sponsor because he treated him badly and used abusive language frequently, after subjecting him to physically harsh work.

In his plea, the defence lawyer said his client was neither responsible for nor aware of his deeds because of a mental disturbance he suffered years ago. He had also been treated harshly by his sponsor.

However, the medical report showed that the defendant had been mentally and psychologically sound.

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