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Woman jailed for insulting friend on Facebook over photo

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Fujairah - The authority has affirmed that everyone is fully responsible for all the posts published on their social media accounts.

Published: Wed 18 Sep 2019, 1:17 PM

Last updated: Wed 18 Sep 2019, 3:35 PM

An Asian woman has been ordered by the Fujairah Misdemeanour Court to serve three months in jail for allegedly insulting her friend - the complainant - on Facebook.

As per court records, the women struck a friendship over seven years ago, when the plaintiff got to know the defendant at a shop where the former was employed.
The victim added the defendant to her Facebook page. The suspect used to make normal comments on the images the victim posted on her Facebook.
Recently, the victim posted an image which the suspect disliked and considered "incident", while asking her to delete it.
The victim ignored her friend's comment as the image was liked by many others.
Later, the accused wrote an insulting comment on that image, accusing the victim of being "a prostitute with no ethics".
The victim felt offended and lodged a complaint with the Fujairah Police against her friend.
The suspect was summoned and referred to the public prosecution and then to the court, where she admitted to her crime. She told the court: "I was only advising her because I know she is staying alone in the UAE and should not post such images".
The court found the suspect guilty, and sentenced her to three months in jail.
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Meanwhile, the telecommunications regulatory authority has affirmed that everyone is fully responsible for all the posts published on their accounts on all social media networks.
"Posting, sharing, publishing fake, improper, dishonouring or defaming information via social media accounts is a crime penalised by the law."
It is highly advised to update social media apps on a regular basis to avoid any security breaches and ensure privacy of personal information and images, they urged. "It is risky to accept friendship from unknown people."
Never expose personal information, messages or passwords to anyone for possible hacking and abuse, they alerted. "Immediately report any hacking on your WhatsApp account to: support@whatsapp.com."

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