Woman in UAE takes Dh30,000 alimony from husband after re-marriage

Woman in UAE takes Dh30,000 alimony from husband after re-marriage

Abu Dhabi - The custody of the three children was granted to their Arab mother.

By Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Tue 12 Jun 2018, 2:48 PM

Last updated: Tue 12 Jun 2018, 4:49 PM

A mother was using the cash paid to her by her ex-husband in monthly alimony and expenses for their children, who stayed with her, to cater for her new husband, an Abu Dhabi court was told.  
The Abu Dhabi Family Court relieved the Emirati dad from the burden of spending 75 percent of his salary on paying house rent and other expenses for his three children and ex-wife when court found out that the woman got married to another man after divorcing the children's dad.
The father said his ex-wife, who had produced a child with her new husband, also stayed in the house he rented for his children with her new man and that the couple also enjoyed the money he was paying for the expenses of his children.
Official court documents stated that the couple had separated a few years ago because of family differences.
And after their divorce, the custody of the three children was granted to their Arab mother.
Court had ordered the Emirati man to pay a total of Dh30,000 monthly to her ex-wife, including; money for school fees of his three children, rent for a three-bedroom house, utility bills, pay for a housemaid, a car that transports the children and alimony to the woman who was not working.
The man said he earned Dh40,000 and that he was spending 75 percent of his pay to cater for the expenses of his children and their mother.
And one day, while visiting an ill friend in a hospital in the capital, the Emirati husband accidentally met his ex-wife after she had gave birth to baby.
The man then made inquiries and found out that the woman had travelled back to her home country where she got married to another man, without his knowledge.
She then brought the man with her and the couple stayed together in the home which the Emirati was renting for his kids and their mother.
The Emirati immediately filed a case in the family court requesting that he's relieved from the burden of paying alimony to his ex-wife because the woman was already married to another man.
The man also requested that custody of his children be stripped off their mother and granted to him because he was not comfortable with his kids staying in the same house with a foreign man.
And after looking into the matter, court cancelled an earlier ruling that ordered the Emirati to pay monthly expenses to his ex-wife and granted custody of the kids to their mother.
The judge also ordered that the custody of the children has been granted to their father who should now be taking care of them.

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