Woman in Sharjah court after husband injects her with drugs

Woman in Sharjah court after husband injects her with drugs

Sharjah - The woman is a mother of six, and is married to a man eight years younger to her.

By Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 14 Mar 2016, 6:24 PM

Last updated: Tue 15 Mar 2016, 1:21 AM

She did not expect that taking sedatives might end her up in the Sharjah criminal court on charge of using narcotics in cases other than authorised.

H.A.M., a Gulf woman, told the court that she is hypochondriac, a patient with imaginary symptoms and ailments simply called obsessive-compulsive disorder. She said she had to take some drugs and sedatives to calm her down.

She added that her husband who used to give her injections, made her believe that it was just a painkiller. But, in fact, it was a dose of narcotics.

Giving her statement before the chief of the Sharjah criminal court Judge Hussain Al Assoufi, the accused woman stated that she is a mother of six children and is married to the accused Kh.M.S, who admitted before court that he injected her with the drugs, a mix of morphine and codeine, without her knowledge.

The husband Kh.M.S told court that the H.A.M. is his second wife, and he has four children from his first wife.

He justified what he did to his wife saying he had been in an abnormal mental state when he gave his wife the injection.

The accused husband, who is younger to his wife by eight years, said in the police investigation that he uses heroin and he injected his wife with morphine and cocaine, which he used to get from a Pakistani drug pusher.

The accused woman asked the court that she be freed on bail.

The court, however, deferred the case to March 28 to pronounce a ruling.

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