Watchman helps pimp to cover up woman's suicide

Watchman helps pimp to cover up womans suicide

Dubai - The woman, who was allegedly confined to the flat by the Asian pimp, had jumped to death to end her ordeal.


Amira Agarib

Published: Tue 4 Aug 2015, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Wed 5 Aug 2015, 9:33 AM

A building watchman in Dubai allegedly helped a pimp cover up a suicide by a woman forced into prostitution. The woman, who was allegedly confined to the flat by the Asian pimp, had jumped to death to end her ordeal.
The watchman tried to mislead the police into believing that she died inside her flat.
The pimp was arrested recently from the UAE-Oman border as he attempted to flee.
The woman was being kept in a flat in the Naif area that was sublet illegally to the suspect by the building's watchman. After the woman jumped, the watchman allegedly helped the suspect carry the body into the flat. He then gave the suspect enough time to flee the country before calling the police.
The watchman told the police that he was worried as a flat in the building was locked for days. He claimed he rang the bell many times, but no one responded.
According to Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police for Criminal Investigation, Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, a police team broke open the flat's door and found the body inside.
An autopsy revealed that she had bruises all over her body and her left hand was bandaged after a recent injury. Cause of death was declared as bleeding in the brain. She also had fractures in the head and ribs, leading the police to suspect that she died from a fall.
The watchman told the police he had sublet the flat to the suspect without knowing the nature of his work. He claimed the suspect just "disappeared".
The police, however, did not buy the story and interrogated him further. It was then that he revealed that the suspect had confined the woman to the flat and forced her into prostitution. He also revealed that she had jumped off a window in the flat. The suspect reportedly requested the watchman to help him shift the body into the flat, which was locked from inside.
"We carried the body back to the flat and put it on the bed. We then changed the lock. He (the main suspect) requested me not to call the police till he could flee to Oman," the watchman reportedly told the police.
Based on this confession, the police coordinated with the Oman Police to arrest the man as he tried to enter Oman. The man was "stunned" when he was arrested, said the police.
The suspect reportedly told the police that the woman had absconded from work. After convincing her to stay with him, he allegedly assaulted her and forced her to have sex with him.
Al Mansouri said the suspect has been referred to the public prosecution on several charges. The watchman will be charged with aiding and abetting the crime, he added.

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