UAE: Police urge parents to protect children against online blackmail


Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi Police urged families to inform their children about the dangers of online strangers.

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By Web Report

Published: Sat 10 Apr 2021, 6:47 PM

Abu Dhabi Police urged families to protect their children and warned against the dangers of extortion and online blackmail.

In a video posted on its official Instagram account, Abu Dhabi Police urged families to warn their children against interacting or accepting invitations from strangers online.

They also appealed to parents to educate their children about the dangers of sharing photos, videos and personal information on the internet, social networks and electronic games.

Abu Dhabi Police also advised netizens to avoid suspicious sites, be careful when dealing with strangers, and not accept communication with them, or send private and/or sensitive data to them.

Abu Dhabi Police explained that online blackmail was based on threatening victims to publish pictures or film materials or leak classified information, in exchange for money or carrying out illegal acts.

The most common way these crimes are done was luring men by creating fake women's accounts on social media and photographing the victim in indecent situations during live video calls.

In the event of exposure to cases of electronic blackmail, Abu Dhabi Police advised the public not to respond to blackmailers’ requests, but to communicate with the 24/7 confidential Aman service on the toll-free number 8002626 (AMAN2626)

Victims could also send text messages to 2828, email or use the Abu Dhabi Police smart app.

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