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UAE: Motorist ordered to pay Dh30,000 as compensation for reckless driving

Abu Dhabi - Repeat offender found to be driving in Al Ain under the influence of psychotropic substances


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Mon 18 Jan 2021, 10:54 AM

The Al Ain Civil Court of First Instance has ordered a motorist to pay Dh30,000 to a mother as compensation for the physical and financial damages suffered by her daughter due to a road accident caused by him.

The mother had filed a lawsuit against the motorist, demanding that he pays her Dh100,000 as compensation for his rash driving.

Official court documents stated that the defendant was involved in an accident in Al Ain after his car collided with another vehicle, where the victim was travelling with her family members.

The child suffered severe injuries on her forehead and right elbow and bruises in other parts of her body. She was admitted to a local hospital for treatment.

The police blamed the defendant for his inattentiveness while driving and also for flouting traffic rules. He was found to be driving under the influence of psychotropic substances. Court records revealed that earlier, too, he was convicted for causing an accident.

The court assigned a doctor to ascertain the extent of damage caused to the victim due to the injuries sustained following the accident. The court sought to gauge whether the girl sustained a permanent disability because of the accident, and if so, the percentage of the impairment as per the Islamic Sharia rules.

The court went through the doctor’s report and fixed Dh30,000 as the compensation sum for the damages suffered by the victim.


Photo: Alamy
Photo: Alamy

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