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UAE: Maids arrested at Dubai airport five years after Dh30,000 theft

Dubai - They booked the ticket with the help of a friend and fled the country.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Tue 23 Mar 2021, 3:06 AM

Two housemaids, who allegedly fled the UAE five years ago after stealing Dh30,000 from their sponsor’s house, were arrested at the airport, the Dubai Police have said.

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According to a police official, the maids took their passports from the custody of the driver of their sponsor and the money from a bag kept inside the children’s closet in the house in 2016. They were arrested at the airport while returning to the country.

The sponsor of the maids, a Gulf national, was on vacation with his family while receiving a call from his driver. The driver told the sponsor that the maids went missing after the passports, which were kept in the car, were stolen.

The sponsor, after returning to the UAE, told the police that he left the driver and maids at home while going on vacation. At home, he discovered the theft of Dh30,000. He lodged a complaint with the police, saying that the maids stole the money as they had access to all the rooms of the house.

The police, during the investigation, discovered that the maids had left the country and then blacklisted them in all the airports.

During interrogation, the maids confessed to stealing the cash and taking their passports from the driver’s car, said the official. They booked the ticket with the help of a friend and fled the country. The police referred the case to public prosecution for further investigation.


Photo: Alamy.ae
Photo: Alamy.ae

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