UAE expats steal Dh1,500 to pay room rent

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Fujairah - The duo managed to steal the money and escaped the scene.

Published: Mon 7 Oct 2019, 12:38 PM

Last updated: Mon 7 Oct 2019, 2:42 PM

A young man roped in another Asian - in whose house the former stayed as a tenant - to steal Dh1,500 so that he could pay him his rent. Both are facing trial at the Fujairah Misdemeanours Court.
As per court records, the case unfolded when the second suspect decided to rent part of the house he was staying in to the first defendant.
The first accused failed to pay him Dh1,500 due as monthly rent.
The second suspect kept pressing him to pay the outstanding rent and refused to give him any grace period or let him pay in installments.
The first defendant told the second that he could pay him the money if he helped him steal from one of the houses where he was doing maintenance work.
Both accused trespassed the house. The first suspect got in and stole Dh1,500 therein, while the second accused kept vigil over the house to alert him if anybody came in.
The duo managed to steal the money and escaped the scene.
The owner of the house alerted the Fujairah Police when he discovered the theft.
The CID men arrived there and checked the CCTVs installed in a shop next to the robbed house.
The policemen identified the suspects and track them down. They arrested the two suspects, and referred them to the Fujairah Public Prosecution, which charged them with robbery and trespassing a private property.
The duo were referred to the Fujairah court, which ordered adjournment of the case to a later time this month.

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