Two killed in separate accidents in Ras Al Khaimah

An Emirati and an Asian were involved in road accidents today morning. While the Emirati seemed to have lost control of his vehicle, the Asian was hit by a vehicle while crossing the road from a non-pedestrian area.

One of the victims is being shifted in the RAK police ambulance.
One of the victims is being shifted in the RAK police ambulance.

Two men, an Emirati, 48, and an Asian, 58, were killed in two separate accidents on the roads of the Ras Al Khaimah city on Tuesday morning, according to a senior police officer.

In the first, the Emirati man succumbed to fatal injuries and fractures he received on the Khor Khweir road in Ras Al Khaimah.

The victim, identified only as A.S.A. suddenly lost control over the steering wheel, veered off the road, and severely collided with a concrete barrier to the left of the Khor Khweir road.

Lt-Col Ahmed Al Samm Al Naqbi, Acting Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department, RAK Police, said the Central Operations Room, having been alerted of the mishap, dispatched police, patrol, ambulance and rescue teams to the site.

“Though the medics reached the scene quickly, the victim, who bled severely, succumbed to the grave injuries and fractures he sustained all over his body, and died on the spot.”

Initial investigations blamed the accident on the victim, who lost control over the steering wheel. “However, the accident sketchiest are studying the reasons behind, and if there were any sudden malfunction or breakdown in the car.”

The corpse of the deceased was shifted to the morgue of the nearest hospital for burial procedures, he added. “The file of the accident has been referred to the Traffic Prosecution for due action,” he said.

Lt-Col Al Naqbi added that a 58-year-old Asian resident was killed in another traffic accident on Tuesday morning close to the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, opposite the RAK Manar Mall.

“The mishap is blamed on the victim, who was illegally crossing the road from a non-pedestrian area.”

The victim, having entered the fast lane on the road, was rammed into and run over by a car driven by an Arab motorist, identified simply as A.Y.A.

“The victim bled severely and sustained several injuries and fractures all over his body. Though he was given first aids, and quickly shifted to the hospital, his death was announced upon arrival.”

Few days back, a young man, an Asian, succumbed to fatal injuries he received after a car ran over him while crossing the Muntasir Road. “The motorist was driving in the right lane abiding by the set speed, but could not help ramming into the young man.”

“With the many run-over accidents reported recently, pedestrians need to abide by traffic rules, make sure the road is clear, and cross the road from the zebra area or flyovers for their safety and other road users’,” Lt-Col Al Naqbi said.

Motorists are also urged to be more focused on the road, observe speed limit on both internal roads and highways. “Reckless driving, speeding and racing are some of the major reasons to blame for run-over accidents.”

The RAK Police urged the public to help them identify the victim who had no identification documents when the accident happened. “The RAK Police may be reached at toll (999) or the central operations room (072356611),” he said.

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