Three charged with sexually assaulting Indian schoolboy

An Indian vendor stood trial in the Court of First Instance on Tuesday on the charge of sexually assaulting a compatriot schoolboy, who is aged under 10 years.

By Marie Nammour

Published: Wed 6 Jun 2012, 9:35 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 11:37 AM

The 21-year-old vendor, A.A., and two other Indians — 42-year-old driver N.A., and 40-year-old barber M.H. — were accused of sexually abusing the boy after luring him to go with them.

They were also charged with threatening to beat him up if he reported what they were doing to him.

The boy said during investigation that A.A. took him by his arms when he stepped off a bus on his way back from a religious centre on an evening in March. The vendor took him to an abandoned villa nearby where he sexually assaulted him in a room. He then gave the boy Dh10 and told him not to tell anybody or he would beat him up.

The boy did not tell his father because he was scared of the defendant.

Towards the evening the next day, A.A. and M.H. molested the boy in the same villa at different times and gave him 50 fils and Dh10, respectively, warning him not to tell anybody.

Around 6pm the same day, when he was standing outside a cafeteria near his house, N.A. took him to his room where he molested him and gave him Dh10.

The boy’s father and mother learnt that he was skipping his religious classes.

They found him on the road near their house. The boy told his father what the defendants did to him and led them to the shops where they worked near his father’s shop. His father filed a police complaint.

The father found Dh70 with his son who said the money was given by the defendants. The boy told his father that he was threatened of being beaten up if he told anyone about what they were doing to him.

A police corporal said they were informed about a sexual assault on a boy in Abu Hail in March. Moving to the scene, he found the father, his son and the three defendants.

The officer quoted the father as saying that the accused prevented his son from going to the classes.

The boy led the police to the villa and to N.A.’s room where he was assaulted.The corporal said the boy looked sacred and cried while recounting what happened.The officer also said the defendants denied molesting the boy but they looked tense and scared.

N.A. admitted that he took the boy to his room but did not explain the reason for that.

According to the lab report of the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence, the DNA of the semen sample taken from the boy matched with A.A.’s.

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