Six stand trial over sexual assault on teen

DUBAI - Five Emirati jobless men and a Yemeni civil engineer allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 16-year-old male student after giving him a ride home in the vehicle, a court heard on Wednesday.

By Marie Nammour

Published: Thu 22 Mar 2012, 4:24 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 11:38 AM

The six men, aged between 20 and 29 years, allegedly took him to a sandy location away from the residential neighbourhoods in Al Quoz where they gang-raped the Emirati student.

According to court records, the defendants intimidated the teenager at knifepoint, beat him up and threatened to kill him and deform his face if he did not let them do what they wanted. They are facing charges of sodomy, molestation under the threat to use a weapon, kidnap and criminal complicity.

The incident, as narrated by the alleged victim, took place in November 2010 as he was in the company of one of the defendants, identified as Y.B., 26, who is the friend of the student’s cousin, at a garage for car maintenance.

Y.B. asked the student to ride with another defendant, F.H., who came in a 4WD, to lead him to a petrol station claiming F.H. was new to the area. On the road, F.H. stopped at a dark spot and snatched the student’s phone. He told him that he liked him and wanted to have sex with him.

The teenager ran away and went back to the garage. Y.B. was still there and pretended that he was shocked when the teen recounted what had happened. Y.B. told the teenager that he would punish F.H. for what he did. The student asked Y.B. to drop him home but the latter told him to wait.

In the meantime, the other defendants came and told the teenager not to be scared reassuring him that they would take him home. He rode in their car. However, they took him to a dark area where they assaulted and threatened to kill him with a firearm they allegedly had in the car. They slapped him on his face and threatened to deform his face with a knife if he did not let them sodomise him. Then, they gang-raped him.

A Yemeni police corporal said during investigation that the teenager reported the assault incident at the Bur Dubai police station. The student gave details and first names of the men who assaulted him.

The corporal went to the garage with the student and some of the defendants were found there. The corporal called for reinforcements and the police arrested all accused.

They denied sexually assaulting the student, claiming they did not have anything to do with him.

The DNA of the semen found in the student matched with those of two defendants, including the Yemeni, 29.

Y.B. admitted that he was with the student on that day.

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