Sharjah cops recover 210 hacked e-accounts

Sharjah - The cops provided immediate assistance to a large number of victims of cyber breaches.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Sun 31 Jan 2021, 6:09 PM

As many as 210 hacked electronic accounts have been recovered by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the Sharjah Police during the last year. The police also referred 125 cybercrime criminals to the public prosecution. The cops provided immediate assistance to a large number of victims of cyber breaches, enabling them to recover their accounts from fraudsters.

Colonel Omar Ahmed Abu Al-Zoud, director of the CID at Sharjah Police, pointed out that various kinds of cybercrimes are reported at the anti-cybercrimes department. Most of these are related to abuse of data while defrauding people to steal or transfer money from their bank accounts, he added.

Al-Zoud pointed out that the Information Cybercrimes Department devises an annual plan that is implemented through continuous campaigns aimed at raising awareness through the Sharjah Police's social media platforms about the different modus operandi that fraudsters adopt to trap their victims. These methods include text messages or stealing their bank data, credit card numbers, or any type of electronic extortion.

What to do if your account is hacked

Al-Zoud called on people subjected to electronic blackmail, or whose accounts have been hacked, to quickly submit their report to the cybercrime cell at the CID. The report can be filed at or registered on 065943228 or via WhatsApp 0559992158.

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