Robber gang targeting scrap dealers caught

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Robber gang targeting scrap dealers caught

Dubai Police have busted a gang of five Pakistanis who allegedly drugged at least nine scrap dealers and stole money from them in Dubai and six persons in other emirates over the last three months.


Amira Agarib

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Published: Fri 21 Sep 2012, 8:46 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 11:41 AM

Their modus operandi was to lure dealers with newspaper advertisements offering copper, aluminium or iron scraps for sale, give them juices laced with high doses of drugs during meetings and steal money from them. Some of the drugged victims were left on the roads.

Four incidents

Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation, said in one serious incident, a dealer lured by the suspects met with them accompanied by his six-year-old child on June 10. He wanted to buy some copper and iron and had Dh30,000 in his pockets.

He was given a glass of drug-laced juice. The dealer had to end the meeting after he got a call from his meeting.

As he was returning home in his vehicle, the effects of the drug started and he lost control over the vehicle which caused “a serious accident” in Rashidiya area. While the dealer suffered serious injuries, his child sustained moderate injuries.

Brig Al Mansouri said initially, the police thought it was a usual traffic accident, but when he was transferred to the hospital and his blood sample tested positive for drug use. During interrogation, he said he had never taken drugs. He said he did not remember what had happened after drinking the juice.

The victim could not provide any information other than that the suspects were Asians.

From the descriptions, the police drew sketches of the suspects.

On June 21, the police received information about another person lying in a coma on a roadside in the Ras Al Khor area. His blood sample showed traces of drugs. During interrogation, he said he carried Dh21,000 with him when he went to buy copper from a group of Asians after reading a newspaper advertisement. This victim was also offered a glass of orange juice during his meeting with the suspects.

Earlier this month, the police got information about a scrap dealer found lying unconscious on the side of the main road in Warsan area in Dubai. He told the police that he was carrying Dh9,000 and 2,000 euros when he met with some Asians to buy iron and aluminum scrap. He did not know what happened after he drank the juice offered by them.

High doses of drugs

Brig Al Mansouri said the gang had been operating in a well-planned manner and robbed people after long intervals. The victims were given dangerously high doses of drugs, which could have even caused their death because they could stop the blood circulation, according to medical reports.

The CID teams analysed the crime methods and found that similar incidents had happened in other emirates also. They also found out that the gang members were from a particular region in Pakistan.

Further investigation showed that five visitors from that region had arrived in Dubai and they were traced to Ajman. In coordination with the Ajman Police and after monitoring their movements, the police raided their residence and arrested them. Currencies of several countries were found in the house. One of the suspects had 35 sleeping pills of one type and another one had 76 tablets of another type. They admitted that they had brought the drugs from their homeland.

The suspects also confessed that they had robbed nine people over the last three months in Dubai, including the merchant who caused the accident.

Brig Al Mansouri noted that the narcotic tablets found in their possession were banned and considered one of the most dangerous ones and are used only during surgeries under strict observation.

The suspects, identified as I.I.P., M., M.A., M.D. and P.D., said they used to mix 10 to 12 tablets in a glass of juice so that the effects on the victim could be strong.

The police have referred them to the Public Prosecution.

The Dubai Police are coordinating with the authorities in other emirates about six similar robberies committed by the gang.

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