Prosecution team visits tortured girl

DUBAI - A delegation from the Dubai Public Prosecution on Monday visited seven-year-old Mira whose sister Wadeema died allegedly after her father and his mistress tortured both of them.

By (Marie Nammour)

Published: Tue 5 Jun 2012, 5:29 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 11:37 AM

Mira is recovering at Latifa Hospital from the physical and mental trauma she had suffered because of the torture and abuse she and eight-year-old Wadeema, children from the man’s first marriage, were subjected to.

The 27-year-old Emirati father was arrested last week by the police on the charges of torturing and killing Wadeema and then burying her body in a desert location near the Hatta-Oman border six months ago.

The delegation was headed by Mohammed Rustom Bu Abdullah, Chief Prosecutor of the Family and Juvenile Prosecution, and included Shahab Ahmed, Assistant Chief Prosecutor; Tareq Ibrahim Saif, Society Communication Section Head; Sanaa Al Ajmani, Social Care Section Head; and Khadija Al Maidour, a psychology researcher.

The delegation members talked to Mira and checked on her health and mental state and presented her with gifts and souvenirs.

Earlier, Eissam Issa Al Humaidan, Dubai Attorney-General, said in a news report that the Public Prosecution would conclude its investigation in the case against the father accused of killing his daughter by the end of this week. The case would be referred to the court after he examined the file unless no new developments came up.

Al Humaidan said the case was now being investigated by the Family and Juvenile Prosecution. He described the crime as ugly in its facts as it was committed with no mercy and sympathy towards the victim. He added that it was the victim’s right to bring the perpetrator to justice.

The case came to light after the brother of the children’s father, M.S., informed the police about finding only tortured Mira not Wadeema when he visited his brother’s flat in International City on April 29. Mira had signs of abuse, such as bruises and burn marks, and a broken hand.

When he asked his brother’s mistress, S.S, about Wadeema, she told him that the suspect had beaten the girl and burnt her with an iron rod before taking her somewhere six months earlier.

The police arrested S.S and later the father. During police investigation, the father confessed that his daughter died after he tortured her. He told the police that he took the body to the Hatta-Oman border and buried it in a sandy area near Al Mudam area of Sharjah.

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