Pilot jailed for trying to kiss girl in elevator

Pilot jailed for trying to kiss girl in elevator

A 29-year-old pilot was sentenced to three months in jail by the Court of First Instance on Tuesday for molesting a 14-year-old schoolgirl.

Published: Wed 6 Jun 2012, 9:33 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 11:37 AM

The court ordered the defendant to be deported after serving his jail sentence. The pilot from Seychelles touched the girl’s face and tried to hug and kiss her in the lift when she went for Arabic private lesson.

The American girl told the prosecutor that the incident happened in March in a residential building in Knowledge Village. It was shortly before noon when she got inside the lift and the defendant also took the same lift.

He pressed the button of 21st floor while she was going to the 31st floor. Surprisingly, he did not walk out of the lift when it reached the 21st floor. He suddenly got close to her and touched her face. She pushed him away. He then tried again to pull her towards him to kiss and hug her. Again, she pushed him away.

When the lift reached the 31st floor, she walked out after him and rushed to inform her teacher. A police sergeant said he learnt from the girl’s father that someone sexually harassed her. The sergeant reviewed the footage of CCTV camera in the lift and it corroborated the girl’s claims. The watchman told the police that the defendant worked as a pilot.

The girl’s father, a 53-year-old businessman, said he was informed by the teacher about the incident. He filed a police complaint after talking to the watchman. The Public Prosecution submitted the report of the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence including the CCTV footage as part of the evidence to the court.


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