Men pose as CID officers, assault woman in Dubai, court told

Men pose as CID officers, assault woman in Dubai, court told

The men are accused of stealing Dh2,500 and a smart phone, among other things.


Marie Nammour

Published: Wed 21 Sep 2016, 5:30 PM

Last updated: Wed 21 Sep 2016, 6:53 PM

An Iranian man denied in the Court of First Instance having been among others who had attacked a woman in her flat and stolen her cash and other belongings.

The 19-year-old man is accused of stealing, together with other suspects at large, Dh2,500 and a smart phone from the Chinese woman's flat in Naif after entering the place posing as Criminal Investigation Department officers around 2 pm.

He also denied a police officer impersonation charge.

The complainant, 57, said she allowed the men in her place on January 31 after they pretended to be cops.

The men tied and gagged her up with her own clothes inside a room after physically assaulting her. When they left she found out that some of her belongings were not there.

The police found the woman waiting for them in the street outside her place while still being tied up.

The defendant on trial was arrested few days later.

During questioning, he claimed he and the others went to the woman's place to get some belongings of their friend who had stayed there.

He claimed they had to keep the complainant in a room after she tried to stop them.

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