Man on trial ‘for robbing bank client of Dh55,000’

The defendant allegedly snatched the money from the complainant’s pocket with the help of another accused.

By Marie Nammour

Published: Wed 26 Mar 2014, 1:19 AM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 5:19 PM

A man who allegedly robbed a shipment company employee of Dh55,000 after his 
accomplice distracted him, has been charged with forced 
robbery in the Court of First 

According to prosecution records, the incident happened on February 27 last year when the defendant, a 27-year-old Ethiopian jobless man, snatched the money from the complainant’s pocket with the help of another accused.

The latter was earlier arrested and prosecuted in connection with the case. He was convicted and given one year in prison to be followed by deportation.

That accomplice was accused of running into the complainant on purpose and kicking his right leg to distract him in a way that helped the defendant steal the money from the complainant’s pocket.

The complainant, a Pakistani PRO, said his boss had assigned him with encashing a cheque for Dh50,000 cheque and handed him Dh5,000 in cash to wire to a customer.

“I was supposed to deposit the cheque at a bank after collecting cash. I collected the cash 
and kept all the money in my pocket,” the PRO said in the investigation.

The PRO was walking towards another bank in Naif area when he was surprised by an African man blocking his way and running into him intentionally. “He also kicked my right leg. I was trying to figure out what was going on when I was attacked by another man of the same nationality, from behind.”

The victim however continued on his way and entered the bank where he was shocked to find the money was gone.

He then reported the incident to the police.

A police corporal said since the time the complainant reported the robbery, the police have been receiving several such complaints.

A special task force was formed with the General Directorate of Crimes on Funds to curb such cases.

“A car raised the suspicion of the task force members. We checked out its details and knew it was wanted by the Dubai police. The driver tried to speed off but we managed to arrest him after he ran onto a pavement,” the officer said.

The accused was taken to Naif police station. It turned out that his descriptions matched those given by the complainant.

The complainant was summoned and he identified the accused at the police station.

The latter, however, denied having anything to do with the robbery. He admitted later that he and his accomplice watched the PRO as he emerged from the bank and targeted him to steal the money he carried.

The police officer said that the accused had a criminal record.

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