Man 'gropes' woman in lift in Dubai, says he wanted to stop her from falling

Man gropes woman in lift in Dubai, says he wanted to stop her from falling

Dubai - He faces a molestation charge in court.


Marie Nammour

Published: Thu 11 Oct 2018, 5:02 PM

A foreman faced a molestation charge at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday for allegedly hugging and kissing a female worker inside a lift. According to public prosecution records, the 28-year-old Indian man hugged his Nepali colleague twice and kissed her.

He denied the charge in court, claiming he only meant to stop her from losing balance and falling down.

Prosecutors referred him to trial and requested a stiff penalty for him as per the law.

The case was registered at Bur Dubai police station.

The woman, 33, said the incident happened at 11.30am on July 20. "I took the lift inside a residential building in Al Quoz industrial area. I wanted to go to the fifth floor to move some furniture. My supervisor walked inside after me. There were just the two of us inside."

The complainant recounted to the prosecutor how he suddenly hugged her from behind. "Even though I got upset and pushed him away, he did it again and then kissed me."

A police corporal said he learned from the complainant she worked with the defendant at the same company that offered furniture moving services.

"I wrote down her testimony. But the accused later denied her accusations, claiming he did hold her but he was just trying to prevent her falling down because there were more than one cart and other stuff around," the police officer said.

A ruling will be pronounced on October 31.

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