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Man attempts to bribe RTA inspector with Dh5,000 in Dubai

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Dubai - The guide offered the inspector Dh5,000 so that he won't issue him a ticket.

By Marie Nammour

Published: Mon 9 Sep 2019, 2:18 PM

Last updated: Mon 9 Sep 2019, 4:34 PM

A tour guide is standing trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance on the charge of offering a Dh 5,000 bribe to an RTA inspector.
Public prosecution records show that the incident took place on July 7. The 39-year-old Indian guide was caught by the inspector giving an illegal ride to a family. The guide offered the inspector Dh 5,000 so that he won't issue him a ticket. The incident was reported at Al Rafaa police station.
The inspector made him believe that he was accepting the bribe. The defendant was caught by the police right after paying the money.
The inspector told the investigating prosecutor that his duties included catching motorists who use their private cars to give paid rides to people without authorization from the RTA.
"I was on duty near a hotel in Al Mankhoul area where such illegal activities are common because of the tourists who throng the area."
He recalled how he spotted the defendant's car that was parked outside the hotel. The defendant then invited an Indian family to ride in his car. "I approached them and showed my official ID. The family told me that they wanted to go to any Indian restaurant in the area and they hailed the defendant's car after he offered them a lift. As I was about to issue him a ticket, I was surprised by him approaching me and offering Dh 5,000 to forgive him and not issue him a fine.
"He said that he knew that the ticket for such violations is Dh 20,000," the inspector said.
He reported the defendant to his supervisor. "I was instructed to make the defendant believe I would take the money and to call the police. I told the motorist to wait in his car as I would consider his offer."
Officers from the CID were already on the scene when the tour guide withdrew the money from a nearby ATM. He was caught red-handed handing the bribe to the public employee.
The trial will continue on September 24.

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