Man accused of helping wife enter UAE illegally

An Emirati man allegedly helped his Egyptian wife into getting illegal entry permit by using the passport of his niece, a court heard on Wednesday.

By Marie Nammour

Published: Fri 15 Jun 2012, 9:23 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 11:37 AM

According to prosecution records, the 36-year-old man allegedly helped his wife by unlawfully getting an entry permit seal on another woman’s passport, through an unaware employee of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs at the airport.

The woman, a 25-year-old jobless, is accused of gaining illegal entry into the country despite a previous deportation order against her. The Emirati defendant was charged by the Court of First Instance with using an authentic official document belonging to others and forgery of an official document. The woman was charged with criminal complicity in those crimes. She is also accused of entering without a valid passport or a valid travel document and without a valid entry permit or residence visa. The woman was arrested in Sharjah in April last year.

An Emirati housewife, 32, told the prosecutor that she met the woman defendant at a hairdressing salon and she exchanged with her their mobile numbers. On the day before the police complaint, the defendant visited her and complained to her about some problems with her husband, the accused. She told her that she infiltrated into the country with his help by using his niece’s passport. She recounted how she entered covering herself in abaya. The police was informed and they trapped and arrested her in Sharjah.

She gave the niece’s name when confronted by the police officers and claimed she did not hold an ID.

The niece, a 21-year-old Emirati housewife, said during the investigation that her uncle, the defendant, took her passport to open a bank account for his son, in her name. She said that the last time she exited the country was in June 2010 and she did not enter in January last year. She added that her uncle, the defendant, used her passport.

An officer at the Preventive Security Department in Sharjah said that they arrested the two defendants after being informed about her illegal entry. The woman accused gave a false name during questioning and claimed the defendant was her uncle. The man told the officer that the woman accused was his niece.

A residency officer, 30, said that the defendant submitted his niece’s passport at the airport for stamping it with an entry permit seal without her being with him in person. —

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