Maid on trial for 'neglecting duty' that caused Emirati kids' death

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Fujairah - The maid told the court that she was downstairs when the fire broke out.

An Asian maid is on trial at a Fujairah court for allegedly neglecting her duty due to which two Emirati siblings suffocated to death after a fire broke out in their villa earlier this year.
The maid denied the charges and told the court that she was downstairs as the two siblings aged three and four were sleeping in their room when the fire broke out.
"It is not my duty to take care of them when they are sleeping," she said. "The children's grandmother and I tried hard to rescue them, but we could not open the door that was locked. The room was also filled with heavy smoke."
The court adjourned the case to next month when it will pronounce a ruling.
The tragedy happened on June 25 in the Madab area. Nabeel Al Saeedi, the children's uncle, said his nephew Fahad and niece Hor were in their room on the top floor of the two-storey house when the fire broke out.
Firefighters arrived at the site, broke open the window to the room and pulled the bodies from under their beds.

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