Jobless in dock over ‘inappropriate kiss’

Jobless in dock over ‘inappropriate kiss’

The Sri Lankan is believed to have inadvertently approached the boy as he was playing on the beach and kissed him inappropriately on the lips.

By Marie Nammour - Senior Reporter

Published: Fri 12 Jun 2015, 2:00 AM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 2:47 PM

Dubai — A 49-year-old unemployed man faced charges on Thursday for allegedly kissing a three-year-old boy on his lips.

The Sri Lankan has been charged with molestation in the Court of First Instance.

The boy’s nanny, a 40-year-old Filipina who witnessed the incident, that happened on April 1, reported it to the police.

She said in the public prosecution investigation that she was with the boy around 6:20 pm on Jumeirah beach when the defendant approached them.

She told the accused who was under the influence of alcohol inadvertently approached the boy who was playing on the beach and kissed him on the lips.

“He started talking to the boy asking how he was doing and telling him to get closer to him. He smelled like alcohol,” she told the prosecutor.

The nanny said that she was surprised by the man kissing the boy for about three seconds on the lips.

“When I questioned him he told me it was none of my business and that I was only the boy’s nanny.”

She then called the police adding that the way the defendant kissed the little boy was ‘inappropriate.’

A Filipina housemaid, 48, also said that she was with the nanny and boy at the time of the incident. She confirmed having seen the defendant sitting on his knees in front of the boy, kissing him and giving him a rose. A police sergeant quoted the accused as admitting to have kissed the kid.

“He claimed the kiss was spontaneous and did not mean anything”.

A verdict will be pronounced on July 9. —

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