Husband's complaint lands wife, lover in jail

Picture used for illustrative purposes alone
Picture used for illustrative purposes alone

Dubai - Police arrested duo from hotel room after receiving complaint from husband


Amira Agarib

Published: Thu 15 Sep 2016, 6:43 PM

An Indian wife, 35, and her alleged lover have been arrested by the Dubai Police after the husband complained to the police that his wife cheated on him.
The Dubai Police referred the two accused to the Dubai Public Prosecution on charges of adultery.
The husband who works as a steward for an airline has informed the police that his wife went with his friend to a hotel in Dubai and was with him in a room.
The police then raided the room and arrested both from the hotel.
The husband said that they were family friends and the suspect P.A., 39-year-old chief account, had divorced his wife and sent her back home. The husband said that recently he noticed that his wife was having a relation with his friend.
He had found her talking to him on the phone and found an SMS last Thursday. He saw his friend coming to the hotel and after sometime his wife joined him and both went to the hotel room. It was then that he informed the police.
During police interrogation the wife, who was also a chief accountant, said that they knew the family of the lover for the past nine years and her relation with him started three years back.
She alleged that her husband travels a lot, consumes alcohol and beats her up. It was then that she started sharing her family issues and complained about the husband's ill-treatment with her lover, who sympathised with her.
They fell in love and when the relationship deepened, he divorced his wife and she also sought divorce from her husband. But he refused to grant her the right to separate from him and started meeting her lover, who was living in the Dubai Investment compound.
The woman told that she had a 8-year-old boy with the husband, and she asked her husband for a divorce several times to get married to the lover. 

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