Guard accused of groping woman who sought help

A guard stood trial in the Court of First Instance on Monday on the charge of molesting a woman.

Published: Wed 6 Jun 2012, 9:34 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 11:37 AM

According to the prosecution records, the 22-year-old Pakistani guard allegedly groped the 22-year-old British woman, an architect, thrice.

The complainant told the prosecutor that she went to the Dubai Investment Park along with a friend in the evening of a day in April. Her friend waited in the car while she came out to seek assistance to find the location of a school.

She spotted the defendant, who worked as a guard, at a security office in the area. She asked the defendant for help in locating the school and he told her that he had a map in his office. He told her to get inside along with him to see the map. She waited for him as he searched for a long time in the drawers and found a map. He stood behind her and groped her. She thought it was by mistake. She tried to locate the school on the map in vain.

He told her that he had another map and looked in an information booklet. In the meantime, he groped her again and she realized that he had done that on purpose. She was about to go out of the office without talking to him as she felt scared.

The defendant then allegedly followed her and groped her for the third time.

He told her not to leave and said that he had another map.

When she asked him why he touched her, he denied it. He then said he was sorry many times.

She went to her friend who was in the car and told her about what had happened and called the police.

In the Jebel Ali police station, the defendant admitted that he had touched the woman.

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