Grade 4 student ‘bullied’ in Sharjah, sustains fracture

Grade 4 student ‘bullied’ in Sharjah,  sustains fracture

Family raises questions about the school’s ability to provide a safe learning environment.

By Muaz Shabandri - Reporter

Published: Fri 19 Jun 2015, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 2:49 PM

Dubai — A private school in Sharjah is facing allegations of negligence following an alleged incident of bullying inside the school campus on June 11.

The incident reportedly took place when a Grade 4 student was about to appear for his final examination.

 “One of the students kept asking my son to change his seat. My son changed his seat twice but on the third instance he refused to give in to the bully. That’s when my son was pushed and he fell to the ground, sustaining two fractures in his forearm,” alleged the boy’s father, Shoaib Azhar.

Shoaib added that a teacher witnessing the episode dismissed it, as a fellow classmate took note of the injury and helped the boy to the school clinic.

Officials at the Al Ansar International School have remained tight-lipped about the incident, refusing to comment.

Instead, the school principal on Wednesday posed for photographs with the boy after gifting him a hamper and posting the images on Facebook with a ‘get-well’ soon message.

“I was called to the school on Wednesday morning and the principal met us. However,  there was no clarification on what further course of action will be taken,” added Shoaib.

The boy’s family has sent a legal notice to the school, raising questions about the school’s ability to provide a safe learning environment for its students.

A copy of the letter shared with Khaleej Times read: “It is important to note that this is not the first incident where Master Ahmed has been victim of bullying and harassment. Around two months ago, Ahmed was kicked by fellow school pupil, which our client immediately has informed of the incident to the school supervisor over the bullying and harassment matters; however despite discussing this with the supervisor, bullying is still going on,” read the letter.

Shoaib has called on other parents to take note of such incidents and remain aware of their children’s wellbeing.

Bullying is often seen as a form of abuse where a person is exposed to persistent unwelcome behaviour – using humiliation, physical force and ridicule to isolate a victim from peer groups. In Dubai, students can be expelled from school, if found guilty of bullying, with a legal contract ensuring the safety of students.

In April 2012, a school girl in Abu Dhabi, Lujain Hussein, underwent a brain surgery after being assaulted in the school playground.

Incidents of bullying are often dealt with strictly, with prompt intervention from school and regulatory authorities.

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