Fake Dubai Courts official dupes woman of Dh185,500


Fake Dubai Courts official dupes woman of Dh185,500

The defendant is facing at the Court of First Instance fraud, forgery and use of forged documents charges.


Marie Nammour

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Published: Sun 20 Jan 2019, 2:03 PM

Last updated: Sun 20 Jan 2019, 4:06 PM

A man has been charged at a Dubai court after he allegedly defrauded an Indian housewife of Dh185,500, by falsely claiming to her he finalised transactions at the Public Prosecution and the Dubai Courts.
Public Prosecution records show that the 33-year-old Pakistani salesman collected amounts of money from the victim on several occasions and then showed her a forged receipt that the money was paid at the courts. He lied to her that he could reduce the jail term her husband - who had been embroiled in bad cheque cases - was facing to the mere payment of a fine.
For the case that dates back to January last year, the defendant is facing at the Court of First Instance fraud, forgery and use of forged documents charges.
To back-up his allegations and make the victim pay him, the defendant told her that his business partner is a judge and that the latter is the brother of a top police official.

The Indian housewife, 50, said that the defendant first approached her in January last year when she was outside the Dubai Courts. "When he heard from me that my husband is jailed in connection with many bounced cheque cases, he claimed he could be helpful as he is a PRO and would finalise transactions in this regard. In the meantime, my husband got bailed out."

She recounted how she paid the accused Dh55,000 few days later to settle a fine on behalf of her husband at the Dubai Courts. "He gave me a receipt for that payment. I paid him later Dh25,000 to pay up another fine for my husband in another bad cheque case," the victim recalled.

It was a similar scenario when she paid the defendant Dh30,000, on another occasion, in a labour case her husband was party therein. "He showed me a receipt that the said amount was paid. Few days later, I had to pay him Dh45,000, worth of a fine; a fine he told me that my husband was ordered to pay. I also paid him another Dh30,000 to stamp my visa, which he did not do," she said.

The complainant told the prosecutor that she paid the accused other amounts and only stopped when she learned at the courts that no amount was settled by the defendant on their behalf. "We lodged a complaint at the police station against him and then we were told that he had duped others in the same way," the complainant said.
A letter from the Dubai Courts showed that the receipt, presented by the defendant to the complainant, was forged.
The letter also said that no amount of money was settled on behalf of the complainant by the defendant.
One of the receipts he showed her was to bail another accused out, and not her husband.
The verdict will come out on January 29.


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